Spitfire MKIV

Indian Summer, September 2015.

Some more pictures showing off the curvy lines of the Triumph Spitfire MKIV.

Spitfire Oct 1 2015_2


Spitfire Oct 1 2015_1

Ready for the 2015 winter

Making good use of the remaining sunny days to do some maintenance. What better use of a Sunday to mount new drum breaks on the rear wheels? Topping up the battery. Discovering the amazing power of brake cleaner. Pouring fresh Castrol Classic engine oil. Have a chat with the neighbours. Yes, owning and maintaining a classic car is one of the most social activities available.

Spitfire 18 Sept 2015 Maintenance



Spitfire MKIV (1974) ready for 2015.

Pictures taken during one of the odd dry days end December 2014.



Spitfire Back


Spitfire MKIV (1974) meets Polaroid Land Camera SX70 (1974) in 2014

Got the Polaroid Land SX70 Camera working again on January 5, 2014, which turned my Spitfire’s original Pimento Red into an undefined orange.¬† Used film from www.the-impossible-project.com.


Spitfire Polaroid 1

This is a more accurate reflection of the colour …


The engine bay on Feb 23, 2014:

foto 2