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Where has all the Content gone?

We live in a sharing economy. Social platforms, and their related performance tools, are increasingly efficient to share information around the globe. The focus in the communication profession has shifted away from creating original content, to efficient ways of sharing

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Le Nouveau Entrepreneur Est Arrivé

And no, he/she does not arrive in a flashy Porsche with shrieking tires. The days of the flamboyant 20-something-Armani-suit are over. The banks or the VC’s that eagerly believed the 50%+ return story over a lobster lunch are the exact

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About Tar Pits and Death Valleys

What is wrong with the logical steps Research – Innovation – Entrepreneurs – Investment – (sustainable) Economy? Nothing, but there is something wrong with the spaces between those steps. Some time ago, I received from Lars Jernbäcker from the Saab

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Highway 51 is the old US highway going from South to North. With a bit of imagination, it’s kind of metaphorical for reaching the age of 51 and contemplating over your career.  Highway 51 goes North, but at the same

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From Social-Economic to Economic-Social

Maybe, just maybe, governments start to realise that you need a thriving economy to maintain a level of social welfare. Over the past decades, the illusion of free money – fed by the redistribution of wealth (taxes from individuals and

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